The Superior plant was conceived and developed for customers with a variety of business goals. It is intended for those who are approaching the world of milling for the first time. It is meant to serve as a testing ground for those who still have little experience and are unable to tackle the complexities that a standard plant entails.
The Superior is also aimed at customers who are already active in the agro-industrial and milling sectors and who wish to have a compact mill in order to expand and diversify their range of products and meet the demands of specific and niche markets, without having to change or re-plan their industrial activities in terms of logistics and production.
The Superior is a strategic and smart investment that offers safe and versatile production solutions that deliver an excellent final product.

Production and operating costs are extremely low, since it is an energy-efficient plant, and it is also designed to be managed and coordinated by a single person.
The Superior, which is pre-assembled in Ocrim’s workshops, can be simply installed in an industrial warehouse, thus minimising the costs and bureaucracy involved in urban development, since there is no need to build multi-storey buildings.
Since 1965, the team at Ocrim’s Milling Technology School has been training customer personnel all over the world and, in this case too, dedicated training courses are provided on how to use and manage the Superior.

Ocrim has been constantly supplying customised plants and tailor-made solutions globally in order to cater to the specific needs of each of its customers.
The customisation plan of the Superior is truly one of a kind: in fact, in addition to thoroughly analysing the technical and technological solutions required to produce a specific finished product, customers also have the chance to have a compact mill that reflects their corporate image. Since the colours, materials, stylistic content and design of the mill are chosen by customers, it is basically designed by them, as well as by Ocrim. As a result, the features of the Superior and its overall look reveal the raw material it processes, the special production techniques and technologies it uses, and the excellent quality of the final product. And it does this by introducing itself with the personality of the customer who chose it and runs it.