The Superior was conceived and designed to be assembled and tested in Ocrim’s workshops. The machines and all components – chosen by the customer with the support of Ocrim’s experts – will be built and carefully inserted into the cube. Each one in the right place.

The Superior will then be sent to the customer’s chosen location, where final assembly will take place: connection of the various units and of the plant’s loading/unloading sections. The Superior is now ready for testing.

The Superior was a major innovation in the 1950s-60s, partly because it offered the opportunity to solve the problems of transporting equipment and travel for Ocrim personnel. In those years, travelling in general was definitely more challenging than it is today, and the “practical and compact” look of the Superior was an amazing added value.

Nowadays, travel and transport times are much shorter, but the Superior is yet again the winning choice for customers seeking a “turnkey” compact mill, which is assembled by professionals – without unscheduled downtime – and without any of the practical and bureaucratic inconveniences that a standard plant entails.